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Personal Statement

I am applying for a life please?

25 July
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Date Created:27-01-04
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Kaylie is a 17 year old Naive child who is always arguing with her boyfriend, keeps good, steady grades, and enjoys cooking. She also loves to listen to music. Though ... not the kind her friends tend to listen to. Shame. Wicked!
Strengths: She can spell really really good. Easy to talk to and can give good advice. Likes Pink. Confident. Isn't scared of the dark. Really!
Weaknesses: Very very Tactless. Blunt. Says what on her mind. Too Confident. Likes Pink TOO much. Cannot handle Rejection. Simon.
Special Skills: Can Spell really really good. Can sing. Writes. Shoots fireballs from her eyes and lightning bolts from her arse. Gives really good evils.
Weapons: Fireballs from her eyes. Lightning Bolts from her arse. Evil eyes. Sharp teeth. Talons. Her little cousin.
Why You All Love Her: How could you not? Just LOOK at her! She's AMAZINGLY Wonderful. I mean ... with her you could NEVER go wrong.

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Names Kaylie, friends call me Kaymanay ... Started with Cat and kinda stuck ..