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(Poke Me)

[23 Oct 2009|02:14pm]


Name: Kayleigh

Age: 21

If you could switch names with a friend who would that be?:  No one?

Sexuality: Straight

Single: No xD

Birthday: 25th July

Height: 5'8

Eye colour: Blue

Hair colour/style: Ginger and short

Lefty/righty/ambidextrous?: Righty

Pets: Liam

Occupation: Unemployed

Piercings: 5- Ears, 1- Bellybutton, 1- Tongue. Not worn - Eyebrow, nipple, and others

Tattoos: 4

Speak any other language?: Spanish

Favourtie quote: "Ordinary and normal has no place with those destined to be heroes"


Do you live in the moment?: No, but I should.

Do you have any secrets?: On the grounds that no one else in this world knows them, then no.

Do you hate yourself?: Not particularly, no.

Do you like your handwriting?: Yeah its ok.

Have any bad habits?: I keep my feet too close togethe for a good stance and my cueing in jabby (pool)

Compliment you get most from people?:  Clothes or make up

If there was a movie made about you what would it be called?: To fall, and rise again.

Whats your No.1 priority in life?: The people I care about.

Are you a daredevil?:Not anymore I'm not.

Do you think you are emotionally strong?: I like to think I am.

Any regrets?: Yes

Most important lesson learnt in life?: I'd rather take a gamble and risk getting hurt, than to never feel.


Favourite inside joke?: Roflcopter

Longest known friends?: Beff

Newest?: Iris

Shyest?: Haha! Good one!

Funniest?: Liam or Sarah

Sweetest?: Liam

Closest?: Liam

Smartest?: Dom

Friends you miss being close to?: No one really.

Last person you spoke to online?: my mum

Who do you talk to most online?: Mum

Last person you were on phone to?: Liam

Person your on phone to most?: Mum or Liam

Who do you trust most?: Liam

Who do you tell most of your problems to?: Mum

Who is your second family?: The Owld lot

Do you trust easily?: A bit too easily

Who's arms do you feel safe in?: My mums and Liams


Do you think real love exists?: Yes

First kiss?: Guy called Tristan Howes

Whats the last present someone gave you?: Pair of socks from my nan

Are you in love?: Yes!

If not could you see yourself being in love in the near future?: Deffo

Who was the last person...

You laughed at?: Liam

Who laughed at you?: Liam

You went shopping with?: Mummy

Who broke your heart?: Every time me and Liam have an argument

To ask you out?: Liam

To make you cry?: Liam

To brighten your day?: Liam

That you thought about?: erm .. Liam

That you saw a movie with?: Mum and Nan

That you worried about?: My mum

You saw?: Liams mum and niece

You lost ?: Kerry

Right this moment....

What are you wearing?: Liams trackkies and a black top

What is on TV?: Nothing

Whats the last thing you read?: Magician by Raymond E Faust

Whats on your mouse-pad?: Nothing

5 words to describe how you are feeling?: Tense - Worried - Bored - Restless - Stressed

Are you talking to anyone online?: Nope

Are you lonely or content?: Bit of both

Are you bored?: Yerp

Are you listening to music?: Nope

Last thing you did?: This questionnaire

Yeah, things are plenty different nowadays
Do you...

Smoke?: Yes

Do drugs?: No

Talk to strangers who IM you?: No

Sleep with stuffed animals?: Does Liam, after he's just eaten, count?

Take walks in the rain?: Only if I get caught out in it.

Drive?: Not yet

Like to drive fast? I like it when Liam does ..

Would or have you ever...

Hurt yourself?: Yes

Been out of the country?: Yes

Been in love?: Yes

Done drugs?: Yes

Gone skinny dipping?: Not yet

Had surgery?: Yep

Ran away from home?: Yer when I was 8 and I sat outside my house with a safeways carrier bag full of stuff

Playing strip-poker? Yerp

Been picked on? Long time ago ...

Been on stage?: Yep

Slept outdoors?: I ahve

Gone one day without food?: Yup

Talked on the phone all night?: Yep

Slept with member of opposite sex without having sex?: Yup.

Made out with a stranger?:  No

Slept with a stranger?: No

Kissed member of same sex?: Yup

Done anything sexual with member of same sex?: Yes

Met anyone famous?: Yes

Told a secret you swore you wouldn't tell? Only when I needed to

What do you miss the most?: Liam


U.F.O's?: Yup

Miracles?: Yes

Astrology?: kinda

God?: Yes

Satan?: Theres gotta be an opposite for everything right?

Santa?: I used 2 ...

Luck?: Yep

Love at first sight?: Yes

Yin and yang (good cant exist without bad)?: Yes


Who are your best friends?: Liam and my Mum

Who is the one person who knows most about you?: Liam

Best advice you have been given?: I've been given so much good advice, I wouldn't know where to start.

(Poke Me)

[23 Oct 2009|02:02pm]


Full Name: Kayleigh Raine
Age: 21
Birth date: 25th July 1988 
Colour Hair: Red
Colour Eyes: Blue
Too Fat/Too Skinny/Just Right: Larger Frame
Too Short/Too Tall/Just Right: Just above average
Straight/Gay/Bi: Straight!



Film/s: Harry Potter, Star Wars, Pirates
Food: Pizza, Steak, Pasta, and Chinese
Song/s: Fuck me ... way too many to name!
Friend/s: Liam
Book/s: Harry Potter
Game/s: KOTOR!
Chocolate: Erm ... white!
Person to chat to online: My Mum
Person to chat to offline: My mum, Liam and probably Sarah
Person you can tell everything to: Liam
Person who makes you laugh: Again, Liam, my mum and Sarah
Person who cheers you up: Mum or Liam
Person who says "Fuck it! Lets go get drunk": Pffft ... have I go enough space here ... Waddle, Jotham, Dom, Scotty, Kez, Holly, Darlene, me ..
Swear Word: Fuck .. or well, it's the one I seem to say the most.
Pin Up: Josh Hartnett, because my baby looks like him!


Eastenders or Corrie: Neither
Simpsons or Family Guy: Family Guy!!!
Godfather 1 or 2: Never seen em
Daniel or Natasha Bedingfield: Natasha
DVD or Video: DVD
Spaghetti or Pasta: Pasta
Jam or Butter: Butter
Peanut Butter or Jelly: Peanut Butter
Pop or Rock: ROCK
R’N’B or Gangster: RNB
Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings (Books and Films): Harry potter
You find the love of your life for 5 minutes or not at all: 5 Minutes
Tape or CD: MP3
Scissor Sisters or Franz Ferdinand: Franz Ferdinand
The Osbournes or MTV Cribs: MTV Cribs
BBC1 or ITV1: ITV1
Star Trek or Star Wars: Star wars
Rocky or Rambo: Tskkkk
Drunken night out or Quiet night in: Quiet night in
Chinese or Indian (food): Chinese
Kill Bill 1 or 2: Argh they were crap!


Punched someone: Lol obviously
Got so drunk you can’t remember ANYTHING about the night before: Not really now ... I always remember most of it ... unfortunately
Lost someone you loved: Yes
Cried over a member of the opposite sex: I am female, and have had a relationship or two .. so that would be a yes.
Done drugs: Unfortunately
Broke the law: Yes
Got arrested: Yes
Made a HUGE mistake you regretted: Yes
Broken a bone: Nope, and touch wood I don't.


Yes or no?

Marmite: Alright
Smoking: Yes
Sex before marriage: Lol Yes
Weed: No

First thing that comes to mind…

Alcohol: Ouch
Rats: Scabbers
Drugs: Never Again
Smoking: Just had one
Jesus: Great bed time story

ok ... so a few things have changed in 4 years ...

(Poke Me)

Blurghed [29 Dec 2004|06:20pm]
[ mood | bored ]

I'm quite bored. I was told, by Simon, to meet him online at 4.30-5.00 is, but it appears I've been virtually stood up as I am still waiting for him to come online. If he takes any longer I'll just go upstairs and play on my XBOX so we won't get to talk to each other today. But yes, I'm very bored so I decided to update.

My dad took me down to the galleria so I could buy some things off my christmas money. I got a pair of Nike Air Max's in White/Blue/Silver, and 3 CD's: Josh Groban 'Closer', Evanescence 'Fallen' (I needed a new one after my old one got stolen), and Creed 'Greatest Hits'. I'm quite pleased with what I bought. I still have £55 left to spend, as well as the £50 in my account. I got Simon 'Football Manager 2005', simply because I know he wanted it and I wanted to buy him it.

5 Days till I get to see my buff little man again. I've decided I'm not going to work on the 3rd. I was meant to be working on New Years day but they had to many staff so they moved some over to the 3rd. I wasn't even meant to be working the 1st as its a holiday, and I am definitely not working the third as its meant to be a holiday for me and Monday isn't my working day and I'm only meant to work it if I volunteer. So they can shove Monday the 3rd up their bums.

It's 6.33 and I'm still waiting for Simon. He appears to be 2 hours late, which is fantastic. Or not? Im sooooooooo bored. My Nan's made soup and fillet steak and if she's expecting me to eat it she has another thing coming because the only thing I'm going to eat tonight - if I do at all - is a chinese.

Oh, my cousins had her baby, it was a little girl called Thalia. We got some pictures through earlier, she's really cute. Quite a good looking baby, as far as Babies go. Wooo - I'm a great cousin! Or would she be my second cousin? I don't know but I can't wait to see her. She looks a little bit chubby, but I suppose she'll still be a little bit puffy from being born.

Anyway, I can't think of anything else to write, so I'm going to go and try find something to de-bored me. Toodles.

Today I missed you even more.

(Poke Me)

Friends Only ... [10 Sep 2004|10:23pm]


Like it says ... comment to be added ...

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